L’ESMA met en place un processus automatisé pour faciliter les notifications des titrisations répondant aux critères STS, et les rend disponibles dans un nouveau registre (STS register). Celui-ci remplace la solution provisoire d’une liste STS sur le site web de l’ESMA.

ESMA’s list of all securitisations meeting the requirements set out in Articles 19 to 22, Articles 23 to 26 (here after the « STS Register ») provides an updated list of all traditional securitisations notified to ESMA pursuant to Article 27(1) of Regulation (EU) 2017/2402 (the Securitisation Regulation) by the originators and sponsors as meeting the Simple, Transparent and Standardised (STS) requirements set out in Articles 19 to 26 of that Regulation.

ESMA reminds originators and sponsors that, as per the third subparagraph of Article 27(1) of the Securitisation Regulation, they shall also inform their competent authority(ies) of any STS notification submitted to ESMA.

The STS register covers traditional STS securitisations (non-ABCP securitisations, ABCP securitisations and ABCP programmes). Until further notice by ESMA, originators and sponsors are expected to continue sending notifications of synthetic securitisations meeting the requirements set out in Articles 26a to 26e (the synthetic STS securitisations) , master trust STS securitisations and synthetic STS securitisations no longer meeting the STS requirements to the email address: STSnotifications@esma.europa.eu.

The lists of notified STS synthetic securitisations, traditional STS securitisations not yet available under the new STS Register (notified to ESMA before 2 February 2022 to ESMA), cancelled traditional STS securitisations (before 2 February 2022), cancelled synthetic STS securitisations and UK securitisations no longer eligible for the STS status in the Union can be found at:

For more details, refer to ESMA guide on accessing Extranet STS Register portal and submitting STS notifications.

The information published on ESMA’s STS Register derives exclusively from the STS notifications submitted to ESMA by originators and sponsors and the notifications of administrative sanctions by competent authorities. Therefore, ESMA accepts no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of such information. In particular, ESMA shall not be liable or responsible for any loss of business or profits or any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage resulting from any irregularity or inaccuracy of the information published on ESMA’s STS Register. ESMA aims to minimise disruption caused by technical errors. However, ESMA cannot guarantee that its service will not be interrupted or otherwise affected by such problems. This disclaimer is not intended to limit ESMA’s liability in contravention of any requirements laid down in applicable law or to exclude its liability for matters which cannot be excluded under such law. By accessing ESMA’s STS Register, you will be deemed to have accepted the foregoing. For further information, please see the legal notice.